The Hawaiian Islands are located near the center of the Pacific Ocean.
The Hawaiian Islands consist of eight main islands, being Oahu, Maui,
Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe.  These eight
account for 99 percent of Hawaii's total land area.  However, there are
many other islands than just these eight.  Including all of the reefs and
the shoals that extend from the Kure Atoll in the North to Nihoa in the
South and over about 1,523 miles there are actually 132 islands within
the Hawaiian archipelago.

Hawaii is approximately 2,400 miles from California and approximately
3,850 miles from Japan.

Hawaii's population growth, is good or bad? Don't know ... you make the call.
Here's a little chart of info that was published in the Pacific Business News
that stated its source being the U.S. Census. It said that Hawaii's population
rose 6.1percent between 2000 and 2006:

                                     2006 Population           Change, 2000-2006

     Hawaii County                     171,191                                   15.1%
     Maui County                         141,320                                   10.3%
     Kauai County                         63,004                                      7.8%
     Honolulu County                909,863                                      3.8%

      State                                   1,285,498                                      6.1% 

 For general information on weather conditions by month, click here for
our informal and easy to understand analysis:


For Weather Information of all kinds for the main areas of each major
island within the Hawaiian Chain, click on the following links:

                                        Waikiki (Honolulu) Weather
                                           Lihue (Kauai) Weather
                                              Lahaina (Maui) Weather
                                                  Kailua (Big Island) Weather

For Employment, Quarantine, Statistics, etc. from the Hawaii Government
click on the following:

                              State of Hawaii Frequently Asked Questions
          (bear in mind this data is probably government cleansed / tainted)
                                          (but it still can be very helpful)

When moving to Hawaii, try to make sure that your vehicle arrives a day or
two before you.  If you arrive on a normal business day you should be
able to take a cab from the airport directly to the docks to pick up your
vehicle and save a few bucks on a rental car.  At least, if you do have to rent
a car, it won't be for too many days.

If you are bringing animals, Hawaii does have a fairly strict and lengthy
quarantine law requirement.  Check out the above FAQ site for more info,
but do not be too discouraged as there are Pet Sponsors available (for a fee)
that will visit your animal when you are unable.  The State should provide
a list of them when they provide you with the necessary documents to fill
out for the quarantine.

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