What are you going to do??  You can buy a week, or two or four of
timeshare and come to Kauai on a regular basis. You have the 
ability to exchange to some really great places around the world.
But ... some people just love to come and stay on Kauai. They have
been coming for a while and really enjoying it. They may have even
been planning to buy here sometime in the future. Then what 
happened?? The prices of everything went up a lot. Now, what can
they do. Well, they can pay the higher price. Rent the property, when
they are not here. Depending on how much down payment they put
on the property, there is a likelihood that they will still have to pay
considerable money every month to maintain this ownership. 


Why not split the ownership into minimum segments and share the
use and ownership (and payments) of the property with others?
The State of Hawaii allows this so long as it does not get split into
more than six (6) segments. If it is more than six segments, then
the State of Hawaii says it is a Timeshare and all sorts of laws and
restrictions will come into effect. So, keep it simple. Only six segments
and each segment gets two months of use. It's a great plan and it's
already being done in  number of other States. Now it's picking up
here too. It's okay if you want more time, you can buy more than one
segment. It's okay if you don't quite need two months, as you are
allowed to let others use it, or you can rent it, or let it stay vacant if
you want. You probably have family that would love to come and
stay in your property if you are unable to make it for all of the time you
are allotted. 

Bottom line .. you only have to deal with your two month time frame.
You only have to pay for the initial cost of your two month time frame.
You only have to pay the expenses of your two month time frame.
You get two months of time every year at the place you know you like,
until forever (it's fee simple ownership, just like regular ownership).
Pass it on to the kids or other relatives, or ... sell it later. It's normal
real estate ownership, but only in a smaller portion than the whole.

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